About Us

The Journey to LinguaGuard

Dr. Keith Gressell graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 2005. He worked 7 years for the US Army Dental Corps stationed in Germany. In 2012, he obtained his European Dental Licenses and went into private practice in Wiesbaden and Ramstein Germany in order to provide support to the US Military Family member communities and US expats living abroad. While serving in the military, the idea of finding a way to streamline dentistry and aid the hardworking military dental assistant came to light, and in a private practice setting, it finally came to fruition. We have all been in the situation of trying to position and protect the tongue while also trying to achieve ever elusive suction. In the past, holding the tongue with a mirror and the suction with the other hand, left you with no more hands to use. Not anymore!  LinguaGuard(TM) offers all of the protection, stability, and suction you had using two instruments and two hands, all in one apparatus! This now allows a free hand to improve chair-side working time and the overall quality of care.